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Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips

Thin, crispy and ready for all your favorite toppings. These chips are baked and fried with our automated fryer, using only the finest, high-grade U.S. corn flour, and fried only in poly unsaturated soya bean oil to retain the sweet flavor of yellow corn.

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White Corn Tortilla Chips

Original White Tortilla Chips. Same delicious taste and crunch, but with the delightful flavor of original white corn.

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Colored/Flavored Corn Tortilla Chips

Food grade color and flavor customized tortilla chips for added spunk and fun to your nachos.

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Yellow Corn Tortillas

Imagine fresh tostadas or enchiladas hot from the oven, bubbling and dripping with melted cheese. Our yellow corn tortillas are made with only simple, wholesome ingredients: the choicest corn plus water and lime. With no additives and nothing artificial, this age-old recipe lets the true corn flavor shine through. Great for tacos, too! 6" actual size.

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White Corn Tortillas

These super sized tortillas offer the same delicious crunch and simple, wholesome recipe as our Yellow Corn Tortillas, but with the delightful flavor of sweet white corn. Excellent for making generous-sized tacos, enchiladas, or tostadas. 6"actual size.

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Tostada Shells

Crispy and ready for topping with all your favorite ingredients, these flat rounds of stone-ground corn are the convenient, simple way to give your family the fresh flavor of tostadas. Our simple recipe allows the true flavor of the specially selected yellow corn to shine through. 12 count per package.

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Taco Shells

Light-textured taco shells form ready-made containers for stuffing with all your favorite fillings. Made from our specially selected, stone-ground yellow corn, these shells deliver a satisfying crunch and a wholesome, true corn flavor. 6" 12 count per package.

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Authentic Flour Tortillas

White flour tortillas that are perfectly suited for making soft tacos, fajitas and burrito wraps for your everyday table use. Done using original Mexican recipe and oven, the brown speckled look speaks for its authenticity!

Flour tortillas are more popular than ever these days: dozens of recipes showcase this tortilla's versatility in everything from hearty soups to desserts. Taste the difference! It comes in 6", 8”, 10” and  12” (12 pcs. per package).

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Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas

These premium tortillas are made from the finest whole wheat flour and other quality ingredients. Ideal for weight watchers! It comes in 6" and 8” (12 count per package).

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Flavored Flour Tortillas

The classic flour tortillas blended with your favorite vegetables (spinach, carrot, basil, etc.) for added flavor and zest.

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’El Mexicano’ Nacho Cheese Sauce

Golden yellow cheese sauce with a mild hint of jalapeno. Best used as dip for nacho chips. This is the most sought after and used brand in the U.S. , both for institutional and home use.  We are the exclusive distributor of this brand in the Philippines .

It comes in 2 sizes: 

A10 (6.10lbs/3kgs.) x 6 cans/base and 15oz/425gm x 12 cans/case.

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’El Mexicano’ Canned Jalapenos (Round Cut)

Round cut ‘El Mexicano’ brand canned jalapenos.  Produced and canned in the U.S.

Comes in 2 sizes:

A10 (6.10lbs/3kgs) x 6 cans/case and 14oz/400gms x 12 cans/case.

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’Bakers & Chefs’ Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Well known cheddar cheese sauce brand. Produced and canned in the U.S.  Application could be as plain dip for nacho chips, to rid of the any peppery taste, and or as ingredient for food recipes.

Available in A10 (6.10lbs/3kgs.) x 6 cans/case.

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