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Using highest quality corn flour

Tortilleria El Mexicano, Inc. uses only the highest quality, U.S. imported, corn flour to produce the most consistent and largest variety of stone ground and corn flour tortillas available.

We process yellow, white, blue and red corn to produce tortilla products such as a thick stay-soft high moisture tortilla for enchiladas and table use, low moisture medium thickness tortillas for crunchy taco, and precut super thin low moisture tortillas for crispy chips.


The methods we used

Our machine lines are made to replicate the age old tradition of making authentic tortillas.

Unlike other methods which produce dry, crumbly tortillas, we use the "press" method for our flour tortillas. This method seals the surface of the flour tortillas and locks in moisture. Thus, Tortilleria El Mexicano's flour tortillas are easily rolled and folded without breaking and can be used with delicious fillings or sauces without becoming soggy.

This same consistent high quality is found throughout our entire line of enriched flour and whole-wheat flour tortillas.

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